who am i?

Music took a back seat when I started university 4 years ago and this always really bugged me. I had a burning passion inside that I couldn't find opportunity to release!!

I started watching youtube as a replacement for TV as I find it much more stimulating and inspiring. The first Casey Neistat video I came across was a tour of his studio - I instantly felt a connection with the way he talked to the camera and every inch of his studio looked like it was out of a dream I'd had. He's like the Willy Wonka of the film industry! I was hooked from there and watched the vlogs religiously. 

(I could talk about Casey all day).

So here I am. I love trying out new styles and making more music helps me learn new techniques and become a better musician overall. Making music for youtubers has become a real passion of mine, it pushes me to create more content.